• 1 EXYS = 4 EXO
    trade price
  • 1 EXO = 13.31 USD
    trade price

What is exo?

Exocoin is a breakthrough and revolution of a decentralized economic order based on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Exonode Sharing Program (ESP) is very profitable program for you where Exo provides a sharing block program for users who include some of their coins to be collateral in the ESP program. By following ESP you can enjoy the results of your block coin sharing program daily, weekly and monthly Up to 30% per month.

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The best decision to choose EXO as your Vehicle of Success in the present and future
10 reason why you should choose Exocoin, No Hit and Run, Have 2 coin in 1 (networking coin), Not PONZI scheme (Have ecosystem and proof of trade to make profit), Have pure coin for ecosystem, Have own exchanger and other ecosystem (exosport, exopay, exoads, examining, exomerchant, etc), Suitable passive income in networking coin, Can convert to BTC, Real coin (blockchain, blockexplorer and can send P2P), Worldwide and Real Community, Representative office in some countries coming soon, professional IT team, have own crypto exchanger, real mining for back up and sharing project.

Mining, office, community, Exotrade

We are anonymous, but we are real office, real mining farm, real trading,
real ecosystem, real exchanger, real project and Real community

Exocoin learn makes profit from real trading
we can multiple profit through crypto & forex trading

Exo trader proof of trade

Our exosystem


ExoTrade is a trading platform for cryptocurrency anda tokens that will give you a new experience in trading with multiple pair options. And allows you to be able to increase your profits in trading in ExoTrade.
ExoTrade has signal features that can help you to make a decision and execute your trades.



ExoSport is the first online betting platform in the world that integrates with multiple platforms such as ExoPay, ExoCoin, and ExoTrade.
ExoSport has a fair betting system and with very low fees. ExoSport brings multi-betting to you from Basketball, Football, Tennis, etc.



You also get the added benefit of another which has one of the EXO product and become part of the ecosystem EXO. EXOMINING is the business unit where we have the machine mining with different Type such as ANTMINER and Assembled. We have a support team that is experienced in managing and ensuring all mining we generate profit for you that we share through ESP (EXO-SHARING PROGRAM). We currently have 4 different locations but with a centralized control system so that the quality of a fixed standard mining from EXO.

We share our profit from mining in ESP or investor can have real mining machine in our exomining, buy mining and exo maintain your mining.



ExoPay provides convenience for you in the conduct of buying and selling cryptocurrency. ExoPay can bridge the transactions between flat currency and cryptocurrency. ExoPay also gives you the security and convenience of storing and transacting with Wallet and Payment Gateway features. In the future, ExoPay can be used for transfer, payment and transaction in all merchants who cooperate with Exo.


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ESP (EXO SHARING PROGRAM) is a benefit that EXO provides to all users who follow the EXO program. Benefit that is distributed is a Profit obtained from all Products and business units built and developed by EXO such as EXOTRADE, ALTCOIN Trading, EXOPAY, and EXOMINING. EXO is an ecosystem that provides real profit and EXO is not a PONZI SCHEME because EXO remains committed and consistently distributes based on profit from all EXO products and ecosystem

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Exo Sharing Program

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  • TRON 1

    15 EXYS - 250 EXYS
    60 USD - 1.000 USD
    Sharing Block
    Up to 1% Daily
    Up to 3% Weekly
    Up to + 2.5% Monthly
    Durations 330 Days

    Binary Flush Out 300 EXYS/Day
  • TRON 2

    260 EXYS 1500 EXYS
    1.040 USD - 6.000 USD
    Sharing Block
    Up to 1% + 0.03% Daily
    Up to 3% +0.1% Weekly
    Up to + 3%Monthly
    Durations 300 Days

    Binary Flush Out 350 EXYS/Day
  • TRON 3

    1550 EXYS-3000 EXYS
    6.200 USD - 12.000 USD
    Sharing Block
    Up to 1%+0.06% Daily
    Up to 3%+0.2% Weekly
    Up to + 3,5% monthly
    Durations 270 Days

    Binary Flush Out 400 EXYS/Day
  • TRON 4

    3050 EXYS- 5000 EXYS
    12.200 USD - 20.000 USD
    Sharing Block
    Up to 1% +0.09% Daily
    Up to 3% +0.3% Weekly
    Up to + 4 % monthly
    Durations 240 Days

    Binary Flush Out 450 EXYS/Day

    5000 EXYS - 10000 EXYS
    20.200 USD - 40.000 USD
    Sharing Block
    Up to 1%+ 0.12% Daily
    Up to 3% +0.4% Weekly
    Up to + 4.5% monthly
    Durations 210 Days

    Binary Flush Out 500 EXYS/Day

    10050 EXYS-100000 EXYS
    40.200 USD - 400.000 USD
    Sharing Block
    Up to 1% +0.15% Daily
    Up to 3% + 0.5% Weekly
    Up to + 5% Monthly
    Durations 180 Days

    Binary Flush Out 600 EXYS/Day


let's begin your EXOSYSTEM

  • Standard

    USD 300 - 2,999
    EXYS 75 - 750

    Up to 1.20% Daily Profit

    Duration 190 Days

    Max Convert 3 EXYS per Days

    No Capital Back

  • Business

    USD 3,000 - 9,999
    EXYS 750 - 2,500

    Up to 1.30% Daily Profit

    Duration 200 Days

    Max Convert 10 EXYS per Days

    No Capital Back

  • VIP

    USD 10,000 - 25,000
    EXYS 2,500 - 6,250

    Up to 1.50% Daily Profit

    Duration 210 Days

    Max Convert 25 EXYS per Days

    No Capital Back

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