• 1 EXYS = 4 EXO
    trade price
  • 1 EXO = 13.16 USD
    trade price


You also get the added benefit of another which has one of the EXO product and become part of the ecosystem EXO. EXOMINING is the business unit where we have the machine mining with different Type such as ANTMINER and Assembled. We have a support team that is experienced in managing and ensuring all mining we generate profit for you that we share through ESP (EXO-SHARING PROGRAM). We currently have 4 different locations but with a centralized control system so that the quality of a fixed standard mining from EXO

We share our profit from mining in ESP or investor can have real mining machine in our exomining, buy mining and exo maintain your mining.

EXOMINING offers you a smart and easy solution to buy and have a Miner Tool. Our Bitcoin and Altcoin cryptocurrency mining systems are suitable for those who are new to the world of digital currencies, as well as those skilled in digital currencies and large-scale miners. EXOMINING is a large-scale multi-algorithm cloud-based mining service with an ecosystem concept that offers an alternative to those wishing to engage in the mining world of Bitcoin and altcoin.

We open the opportunity to you to join and maximize your capital in order to generate profit for you through EXOMINING program where you entrust to EXO in Process of management of your mining machine managed by professional team from EXOMINING

You will get the right profit as much as 60% from mining and 40% divided by EXOMINING team. Where the distribution is given is every month after the calculation

For further information please contact [email protected]

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